5 Essential Steps to Transform Your iPad into a PC Drawing Tablet: A Comprehensive Guide

Embrace the Future of Art:

Our world is constantly being redefined by technology and art is no exception. Utilizing an iPad as a PC drawing tablet has pushed boundaries in the realm of digital creativity, transforming how artists, illustrators and graphic designers express their ideas — it’s a new dawn for both traditional and digital art.

iPad: Redefining Your PC Drawing Palette

The inherent flexibility of an iPad makes it an incredible substitute for a conventional drawing tablet. Countless sophisticated drawing apps and add-ons are available, enhancing the ease and enjoyment of turning your iPad into a PC drawing tablet.

iPad as a PC drawing tablet

Selecting the Perfect iPad and Add-Ons

Recognize that iPads aren’t interchangeable when it comes to digital sketching. High-grade options such as the iPad Pro are superior in this field, owed to their robust processors, spacious display, and compatibility with accessories like the Apple Pencil.

A drawing stylus, like the Apple Pencil, can offer you a complex drawing experience that provokes the feel of conventional drawing instruments. The stylus is responsive to both tilt and pressure, enabling a vast spectrum of artistic outcomes.

Key Drawing Apps for Your iPad

A range of drawing apps can metamorphosize your iPad into a fully functioning PC drawing tablet. Remarkable ones include Procreate, Adobe Fresco, and Affinity Designer.

Procreate stands out as a versatile digital art app, providing a comprehensive assortment of sketching, painting, and texturing tools, catering to both amateurs and seasoned artists.

Adobe Fresco is renowned for immaculately replicating traditional techniques of watercolor and oil painting down to the finest details.

Contrarily, Affinity Designer elevates vector designing with infinite layering, adjustable strokes, and an extensive range of brush options.

Pairing Your iPad with Your PC

Setting up your iPad as a drawing tablet for your PC is achievable with applications such as Astropad, Duet Display, and EasyCanvas. These tools pair your computer’s display with your iPad, enabling it to act as an additional monitor for drawing.

Astropad guarantees remarkable stylus functionalities. At the same time, Duet Display maintains versatility, allowing for both wired and wireless usage of your iPad. Lastly, EasyCanvas offers professional drawing features at a cost-effective price.

Expertise Your New Digital Easel

Upon completion of your iPad set-up, you can embark on your drawing journey. The shift from a regular drawing tablet to an iPad may require adaptation. However, practice, layering, experimenting with brushes, and customizing your workspace will pay off, enhancing your digital art experience.

The Final Stroke

Whether you’re an experienced muralist or finding your footing in the digital art world, making use of an iPad as a PC drawing tablet equips you with unlimited creative possibilities. With the appropriate iPad, tools, and apps, manifest your creative vision as digital masterpieces. Unleash your ideas and savor the pleasure of artistry in an innovative dimension.

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